How to Change Car Seat Cover

12 Brilliant Tips for How to Change Car Seat Cover 

After a specific time, we all need to change the car seat cover. There is no tough rule behind this. The existing car seat cover won’t last long our whole life. One day or another, we need to replace it. But you can change the car seat any time. It is not a big deal. You just have to consider whether the cover is crash-tested or not. This is a basic thing you should know before how to change car seat covers for infants.

Removing and installing car seat covers is a part of car care and maintenance. If the cover is crash-tested, then you can rely on the safety of the cover. The primary reason to change the car seat cover is to provide better protection than the old cover. Dirt and stains are inevitable aspects of driving. Expertise in changing car seat covers will save you a lot of money. Always maintain quality to change a cover, whether an infant cover or an interior cover.

Can the Tips for Changing Car Seat Covers Also Be Applied to Washing Car Seat Covers?

When it comes to maintaining car seat covers, can the tips for changing them also work for washing? It depends. While some general guidelines may apply, washing car seat covers requires additional care. It’s essential to follow specific instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper cleaning without damaging the fabric or compromising the seat’s integrity. So, before taking any action, remember to consult the recommended methods to adequately wash car seat covers.

How to Buy Seat Covers?

How to Buy Seat Covers?

Most parents buy after-market car seat covers to replace the existing cover. These covers are not crash-tested, which can be a risk factor. After-market covers cannot protect the car seat from accidents. Suppose you claim replacement in case of car seat damage in an accident. In that case, the company will not accept your claim for using aftermarket cover. You cannot sue the manufacturer’s company.

It is not your fault entirely. There are very few brands that have been working with crash-tested for specific car seats. Everybody does not become aware of it. You should not take a risk at all. Make sure which cover you are going to purchase has been crash-tested.

You cannot rely on the seller only if you don’t know how to buy car seat covers. They may provide the wrong information to you. So, you should contact car seat manufacturers for their suggestions. They will recommend a cover for a specific model.

Seat Cover Options

Whether you’re thinking of featuring a colorful cover on your child’s seat, otherwise you want to protect the child from the environment, there are masses of options out there.

Infant Car Seat Cover Options

  • Infant car seat slipcovers.
  • Comfy covers.
  • Canopy covers.
  • Baby car seat cover for winter and summer.
  • Reflective sun covers for infants.
  • Shower Cap-Style cover.
  • Sleeping bag style covers.
  • Nursing covers.

The nursing cover is the most popular among these cover types because of its lightweight and multi-purpose ability. These coves are great for the summer season. Most infant car seat covers are bulky for a summer-friendly area. Even with a better breathable technique, covered summer covers cannot provide much comfort on sunny days. But nursing covers are not that type. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. Milk Snob is a great brand that designs nursing covers for moms and kids.

Skip Hop Car Seat Cover is our recommendation if you need a winter seat cover. They have different winter infant car seat covers with elastic rubber. You can change the car seat cover and install them easily using elastics. 

Interior Car Seat Cover Options

  • Universal cover.
  • Custom cover.
  • Semi-custom cover.

How to Replace Baby Car Seat Cover?

How to Replace Baby Car Seat Cover?

Each of the covers provided by the different manufacturing companies has an almost close installing system. If you follow a standard method, you can install any brand’s car seat cover. We will describe the technique of removing and installing the Graco extended2fit convertible car seat cover. It is a popular and parents’ favorite car seat.

Removing Car Seat Cover 

Always read the manuals before changing the car seat cover. Otherwise, some instructions might be difficult to understand. Let’s follow the process.

Remove Head and Body Support

First, remove the harness’s seat head, and body supports. You need to loosen the harness strap by pressing the front button. Pull your harness and unlock the chest clip and crotch.

Buckle. Now, simply pull out the body support. Pull the head support from the harness slot. If the harness cover is installed, pull it off. Keep them in a safe place.

Remove the Headrest Cover 

Move the headrest up. Thus, you can easily access the elastic loops. Take a look at the side of the seat at the bottom. You will find elastic loops down there on both sides. Turn the backside of the seat towards you. You also notice two additional elastic loops behind the headrest. Now, undo all the elastic loops you find.

Turn the front part of the seat and move the headrest around the harness straps. Now pull off the headrest cover easily.

Remove the Harness Straps

Our mission is to remove the harness strap from the splitter plate this time. Turn the backside first. Break off the harness band from the splitter plate. Pull both straps from the front part of the seat. They will come out without any meeting a barrier.

Remove the Seat Pad

You have to recline the seat to remove the seat pad first. Then release the extension panel, and you will find elastic loops behind the panel on both sides. Undo those loops and put the seat upright, closing the extension panel. Pull the pad cover off around cup holders.

Makes sure you pull the buckle and buckle, plus straps go through the slot of the seat cover. Now, remove the seat cover by dragging them from the corner. Undo the elastic loops back of the head. Slide down the headrest and release the cover.

This way, you can remove the cover from your baby’s car seat.

Installing Car Seat Cover

Installing Car Seat Cover

Make sure you have the below elements before re-installing the cover.

  • Headrest cover.
  • Seat Pad.
  • Head and body support.
  • Harness covers.

Install Seatback Cover

The seat pad or seat back cover is the largest portion of the car seat cover. Ensure the pad’s fabric is over the side of your baby seat. Turn back and attach the elastics to the head section. You will find a metal clip to secure.

Pull the harness straps, harness adjuster, and crotch buckle back through-hole of the cover.

Set the cover perfectly around the cupholder. Recline the seat, pull out the extension panel and attach the elastic loops you removed earlier.

Adjust Harness Straps

Slide up the headrest at the top until you see two holes. The right harness should go through the right hole, and the left harness should go through the left hole.

Turn back to the seat and take the splitter plate from underneath the strap. Attach the strap perfectly with the plate, and don’t allow twists.

Install the Headrest Cover

Workaround the top and side to adjust the headrest cover over the headrest.

Attach the elastics loops through the hole at the back of its headrest. Also, install elastic loops located in the area of the image.

Now, bring the harness straps in front of the headrest cover. There is nothing that should be twisted.

Install Head, Body Support, and Harness Cover

Now put the head support inside the headrest slot. Slide down the headrest and put the body support in the same position as you pull off using the buckle. Bring the straps in front of it. Affix the harness cover.

Final Verdict

The car seat cover replacing and installing process is relatively easy and user-friendly. But if you don’t know the placement or the positions, it will be complicated for you. So, we have discussed some effective ways to install car seat covers. After reading this article, you will also know how to change car seat covers.

Always make sure to read the manuals to change the car seat cover. The manual will give you a proper idea of installation area locations. That enhances the speed of the car seat cover changing. Avoid the after-market car seat cover if you want to be risk-free.

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