How to Wash Car Seat Covers–Here Come New Ideas

How to Wash Car Seat Covers–Here Come New Ideas

Dirty car seat covers eat the fluency and new look of your car seat and interior. Spilt chocolate, chips, cup cups, water, juice, and occasional diaper leaks make the car seat cover dirty daily. It also decreases the volume of a car seat cover. So, we must know how to wash car seat covers without damaging car seat cover quality. 

We will teach you how to clean car seat covers. But after that, you must go through proper car seat cover maintenance. Everything in this world needs proper care if you want a long lifespan. So, only washing the seat cover does not mean that your job is done. You have to apply some maintenance techniques that we have added to this article.

Is Using a Car Seat Steam Cleaner an Effective Way to Clean Car Seat Covers?

Using a car seat steam cleaner offers a highly effective solution for cleaning car seat covers. Unlike water vs car seat cleaner options, steam cleaners use high temperatures to effectively eliminate dirt, stains, and bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals. This method ensures thorough cleaning, leaving your car seats fresh and germ-free.

How to Wash Fabric Car Seats at Home?

How to Wash Fabric Car Seats at Home?

There are different ways to wash car seat covers. You all know that they come in different materials. Fabric, leather, vinyl, polymer, and so on. So, make sure you have enough arrangements to clean the cover you are using or purchasing. Doing so will save a lot of money also. Don’t dare to waste money to give them in the laundry.

Fabric covers are easy to wash. Sometimes, split drinks and foods can leave stains, no matter how careful you are. With a specific cleaning product and techniques, they can be removed. The following materials are required to clean a fabric car seat cover.

  1. Interior shampoo.
  2. Foam sponge.
  3. Absorbent cloth.
  4. A bucket of water.

While using an interior shampoo, ensure the product is from a good brand. There are many useful car seat upholstery cleaners based on reviews and requirements. When you pick one of them, prepare to ensure the cleaning procedures are followed.

  • Vacuum the seat is the first task. This will remove the dry dirt on the cover. Because if you shampoo, the cover will be slightly wet. As a result, the dust will stick to the cover.
  • Apply interior shampoo on the cover and ensure to get good coverage at a time.
  • Take the sponge and scrub the seat for a great clean. If good enough foam is produced by rubbing, you will understand that the cover is cleaned.
  • Rinse the sponge in water and scrub again. You can apply more cleaner if required.
  • The dirt is cleaned. Remove foams with the absorbent cloth.
  • Wipe the cloth over the seat and rinse it out in the bucket.

This way, you can clean a fabric car seat cover at home. This technique is very helpful in washing leopard car seat covers since most of these are made with fabric. Apply the same procedure to clean all areas of a car seat cover. Using an interior car seat cleaner, you don’t need to remove the cover. We hope you will see the difference after cleaning.

How to Wash Car Leather Covers at Home?

How to Wash Car Leather Covers at Home

If you want to know how to clean a car seat cover, you also need to see the process of cleaning a leather car seat. Leather car seat covers should be matte. If they turn back to shiny, they won’t look good.

Leather car seat covers come out of the factory with a matte finish that looks premium. Dirt, grease, and oil from the skin cause a sheen on the leather. But not all sheens are not a good example, car seat leather covers. If you can remove dirt from a leather cover, it loses shine and remains simple matte. The following materials are required to clean a leather car seat cover.

  • Leather cleaner.
  • Foam sponge.
  • Absorbent cloth.
  • A bucket of water.

The process of cleaning is quite similar to fabric cleaners. But you must need a suitable leather cleaner. Leather can deteriorate if the cleaner is not of good quality.

  • Vacuum first to get all the loose dirt out.
  • Now, spray leather cleaner to remove oil, grease, and dirt.
  • Rub the seat with a sponge, soft brush, or a cloth. The best is to use a sponge or a soft brush. Cloth requires to do the final cleaning.
  • After rubbing, the cover should look like this.
  • Use a clean, absorbent cloth to wipe out the foam. Rinse the cloth into the water and apply a final touch.
  • Dry the cover with a microfiber.

This way, you can remove the dirt, oil, and grease from a leather car seat cover. It refreshes the matte look that suits more with the leather. See the difference you have got. 

Some of our clients ask to know how to wash fur car seat covers at home. We suggest they send the covers to the laundry. These covers are a little bit hard to clean using a cleaner.  

How to Wash Baby Car Seat Covers?

You should check the manual of the baby car set to ensure the cover can be removed or not. If harness straps and fabric cover can be removed, then check if it can be machine washed or not. Some covers can be hand-washed. So, you have to find it first.

Hand Washed

You should wash your car seat cover in warm water, not hot water, because hot water will shrink car seat covers. Cold waters cannot clean dirt thoroughly. Wash the cover with a gentle soap or mild detergent. Let the cover dry in the sun. You can approach the machine dryer method.

Machine Washed

At present, most car seat cover supports machine washing. Put some mild detergent and fabric softener inside the washing machine and wash the cover. Apply a short washing cycle. You have to avoid bleach to wash the infant car seat cover. Graco car seat covers, Britax, and other covers can be machine washed.


Can I put the car seat cover in the dryer?

Ans. You cannot put the car seat cover in the dryer. It will ruin the cover. You have to give sufficient time to the cover to air dry.

Can I put a vinyl seat cover in the washing machine?

Ans. You can put a vinyl seat cover in a washing machine. But you must ensure that the water you are using is not hot. The water should be mildly warm. Mid detergent with fabric softener in the machine provides a better result.

How can I clean Graco stroller cover?

Ans. Graco stroller covers are approved for machine wash. You can clean the cover by applying a delicate cycle. Using hot water and cold water is forbidden. Apply mild-warm water. Both clean stroller, hand shop, or dish soap are the best choice.

Final Verdict

Besides the car seat cover, you can also wash any parts of your car seat. Cleaning is a part of maintenance that enhance the lifespan and gives a new look to the car interior. We hope our guideline about how to wash car seat covers seems easy to you. Here is an important notice about cleaning any car seat cover.

You must check the manual before cleaning any parts of your car seat, not only the cover. Major car seat cover manufacturers have specific instructions about how to wash car seat covers. You also get ideas from their website. Make sure to apply the exact process to clean the car seat cover. If you have any questions, then contact the manufacturer.

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