How to Put on a Car Seat Cover for Baby

How to Put on a Car Seat Cover for Baby: Some Secret Truths

Car seats are one of the crucial pieces of equipment in the list of baby accessories. Once you add it to the list, purchase a car seat cover. It protects kids from environmental disturbance. Installing this safety equipment is not that easy. For many parents installing the car seat and the cover is a hassle. However, once the guardians have installed the car seat, a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) offers it a thumbs-up. 

An infant car seat ensures safety from fatal accidents. Its cover protects kids from outside environments like harsh sunlight, rain, bugs, dust, etc. But as we said before, installing is a hassle. Then, what to do? This quick guide will show you how to put on a car seat cover for baby for any car seat. Besides, this article will help you to learn how to put it back on and bring those straps back to the back of the car seat! That’s the complicated part.

Are the Methods for Putting on Car Seat Covers for Babies the Same as Making Them Fit Tight?

When it comes to car seat covers fitting tightly, the methods for putting them on babies’ car seats might differ. While ensuring a snug fit is crucial for both cases, the installation processes might vary. Properly securing a car seat cover is vital to ensure the safety and comfort of your little ones during travel.

How Do You Put on a Car Seat Cover Without the Base?

How Do You Put on a Car Seat Cover Without the Base?

We know that car seat cover installation is a hassle for many parents. Our many clients face such problem. Every time, they ask for a solution to eliminate the installation problem. We are here for the solution. But before that, you have to buy a compatible car seat cover like a Skip Hop cover which you can easily put on without the base. 

This article will cover all steps to remove and put a car seat cover back. You can follow these instructions on any infant car seat. These instructions are also applicable for booster car seats. We are going to mention the basic steps. You can put a car seat back on any car seat if you know the basic steps.

Removing Procedure

To remove a car seat cover, you must remove the seat pad, infant head and body support, and strap cover. All these things are part of the car seat cover. You have to remove them step by step.

Body Support

The first task is to remove body support. To do this, you must loosen the harness straps and undo the chest clip and crotch buckle. Then, pull out the body support.

Harness Cover

After pulling off the body support, remove the harness covers by undoing the attachments on the other side.

Seat Pad

Now, you have to remove the seat pad. You cannot remove it without opening the harness straps. Harness straps are locked from the back of the infant car seat. So, you have to flip over your infant car seat. If the handle disturbs you, simply adjust it. Some infant car seats have canopies. You need to change the canopy bar to ease your task.

Flip the car seat and remove the harness straps from the splitter plate. Flip the car seat back and pull the harness straps out. Now, move the handle and canopy. Their position should be vertical at a 90 degrees angle with the seat. Pull out the seat pad from the default way of the canopy and handlebar.

When it is done, pull out the flaps from the front. The seat covers you use may have elastic instead of flaps. Both have the same procedure. Pull the straps and crotch buckles and remove the seat pad from the seat.

Send the parts of the cover for a great wash. Bring the cover after drying. Here the installation procedure begins.

Installing Procedure

Installing Procedure

You have already noticed that the harness and seat pad connection is quite complicated. So, remember that the buckle and chest clip must go back through the seat pad.

Seat Pad

While putting on the car seat cover, you must start with the seat pad. You are right about the complicated part. At first, you have to adjust the seat pad with harness straps. The straps that contain the buckle tongue in the chest clip will need to be threatened from the squat in the middle of the seat pad shown in the picture.

Make sure there are no twists in the harness straps. Now, put the crotch buckle through the squat shown in the following picture.

Also, pull the front adjuster web through the front slot of the seat pad.

The marked areas are the holes where you must thread the harness straps back. These holes are called harness slots. You should use the slot based on your kid’s height and shoulder. And twists are not allowed again. Place the seat pad around the car seat. Adjust the handlebar and canopy bar to ease the task.

Flip the car seat cover to reattach the harness straps to the splitter plate.

Body Support

Installing the seat pad is done. Now, we are going to place the head and body support. Make sure the harness straps go in front of the support. Connect all the buckles and chest clips. If the harness feels loose, tighten it.

Harness Cover

Attach the harness cover with the harness. Installing the car seat cover is finally done. Make sure the harness straps are not twisted. Check it on the front and back.

You don’t need to learn how to put the Doona car seat cover back. The process is similar primarily we mentioned above.

Some Small Variations

Winter car seat cover or slipcover installation is different. Covers like Arcaro’s and Skip Hop car seat covers have other installation processes. These are called winter or slipcover. You can check our slipcover and canopy seat cover installation if you want to learn how to put on a car seat cover for baby.

These covers are easy to install. Most of them are elastic covers and include a zipper. They also offer a headlamp so that you can block your child inside the car seat in winter to ensure sound sleep.

Final Verdict

This is the end of the article. I Hope now you can also teach someone how to put on a car seat cover for baby. Almost every car seat cover is installed the same way. Since different types of car seat covers are available in the market. These specific types include nursing cover, slipcover and winter cover. But do you know an important fact?

Nursing seat covers and winter seat covers are not crash-tested. No manufacturer brands recommend using these car seats covers. If you use them and any accident happens, you cannot ask for a replacement which is a disadvantage. After all, the infant car seat is a significant investment for your family. Based on our giving procedure, you can install the brand’s recommended car seat cover.

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