Will Denatured Alcohol Damage Car Paint?

Will Denatured Alcohol Damage Car Paint?

Alcohol is a suitable solution for removing any adhesive from car paint. But what about denatured alcohol? Will denatured alcohol damage car paint? Alcohol comes in different concentration levels. If the concentration of alcohol is high, it will discolor your car. Are you sure you are using the right chemicals to remove unwanted adhesives? If the wrong chemicals are used, your car’s paint will be in danger.

There are different thoughts available on rubbing alcohol about cleaning car paint. Now, cleaning and removing car paint is different. There are lots of opinions that can make you confused because some professionals use alcohol on car paint to clean it. 

Let’s find a clear idea about denatured alcohol, what to try and what not.

Is Isopropyl Alcohol the Same as Denatured Alcohol?

Is Isopropyl Alcohol the Same as Denatured Alcohol?

Most people will differentiate between two products based on their uses. That’s why many think that Isopropyl Alcohol and Denatured alcohol are the same. Though both alcohols have similar uses, they are chemically different. To understand easily, you should know that we cannot drink every alcohol. Why?

If a drink does not smell or taste good, you cannot take it. Denatured alcohol is unsuitable for consumption because of its bad smell and toxic additives. The chemical formula of ethyl is C2H6O, and the formula of isopropyl alcohol is C3H8O. 

However, both are great solvents for cleaning car paint. Even, Denatured alcohol is much strong than Isopropyl Alcohol. So, it can kill bacteria and viruses faster than Isopropyl Alcohol car paint. Since Denatured alcohol is more toxic than Isopropyl Alcohol, it can harm the skin.

How Does Alcohol Damage Car Paint?

Alcohol is known as a good solvent among experts for car cleaning. It is proven to be a powerful item for cleaning. Using an alcohol mixture, you can easily clean any tough stain from your car. But the heartbreaking news is that some people have damaged their cars’ paint due to alcohol consumption. Doesn’t it sound confusing?

We all know that if we do not use chemicals or solvents properly, it will cause problems. When using denatured alcohol on car paintthe same rule is applicable. Excessive alcohol consumption will damage your property. That will dissolve your car paint fast.

Alcohol does not directly dissolve car paint. First, it targets the car’s clear coat. A clear coat is very soft. The durability of a clear coat does not match that of actual paint. Therefore, highly concentrated alcohol can quickly damage clear coatings. 

High-concentrated alcohol is very strong in cleaning the car exterior. That can affect the beautiful color of your car, can fade the color or leave a spot on the car. A low-concentrated alcohol solvent is safe for car paint. If you want to keep your car paint safe and clean effectively, weaken the denatured alcohol before use. 

Can You Use Denatured Alcohol on Car Paint?

Alcohol is not harmful to car paint, whether it is rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or denatured alcohol. So, you can use any of these alcohols to remove any sticky thing from the car. 

Make a proper denatured alcohol mixture to clean the car. Then you can do cleaning like –

  • Remove sticker paper.
  • Remove wax.
  • Clear windshield.
  • Restore car highlight.

A low concentration level denatured alcohol safe on car paint. It will not damage your vehicle paint. Since it is rougher than IPA, it will clean the car more efficiently. Again, overspray can damage car paint. So, if you use it with common sense and do not overspray, you can use denatured alcohol on car paint.

Yet, some people have faced some problems already with denatured alcohol. Some may tell you that it is not safe. Here, you must measure the concentration level of denatured alcohol. Normally, it is a rough and toxic alcohol. Make sure you weaken this alcohol more than IPA or rubbing alcohol. Hopefully, you can apply denatured alcohol safely on car paint.

Is Denatured Alcohol Safe on Car Paint?

Is Denatured Alcohol Safe on Car Paint?

According to experts, denatured alcohol is 100% safe as long as it is used properly. Safety is always a concern when it comes to your car. Beautiful paint makes your car look shiny and stunning. Cleaning the interior and exterior of the car will enhance its beauty more. 

But if you use any cleaning product without proper knowledge, it can damage car paint instead of increasing the stunning look. Alcohol is considered one of the excellent cleaning tools. 

Though the risk involved with this cleaning process, you can clean your car easily with proper knowledge. Without enough knowledge, we do not recommend you clean your car exterior with denatured alcohol. 

If you ask about the safety of denatured alcohol, your lack of knowledge may be unsafe for car paint.

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How to Prepare Denatured Alcohol to Clean Car Paint?

Denatured alcohol is a 100% effective cleaning agent that helps you to eliminate heavy soiling, sealant, wax, oil, and grease. Every alcohol solvent is proven to do a cleaning job. But as we said, high concentrate denatured alcohol is risky and damages the clear coat and car paint. 

So, we will learn how to mix denatured alcohol to clean latex car paint, exterior and interior. 

In a mixture;

  • Take 10% denatured alcohol. 
  • Take 90% water.

Generally, 15% alcohol is used in the water mixture based on the alcohol concentration level. Since denatured alcohol is harder than regular alcohol, we will use only 10% of it in the solvent mixture.

We hope this mixture will not harm your car paint. Moreover, we never heard of alcohol messing up stories from any experts. If someone tells any story, it will be about an unexpert person.

Final Verdict

At this end, you get the answer, “Will Denatured Alcohol Damage Car Paint?” To write this article, we have checked different forums and taken brief from many automobile and paint experts. We have told the proper way of using Denatured Alcohol to keep on the right path. 

Do not mix a large amount of alcohol in the mixture, and do not apply pressure while cleaning. Clean the car surface smoothly using alcohol and follow our guidelines to prevent damaging car paint. If you do not feel safe using alcohol, then use another car cleaner or take the help of an expert.

I believe that you understand this question Will Denatured Alcohol Damage Car Paint?

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