How to Make a Car Seat Cover for Your Pet?

How to Make a Car Seat Cover for Your Pet?

Pets are part of our family. They adore us, and we love them a lot. If you own a dog or cat, fur, paw prints, and an unexplainable amount of dirt all over your backseat will harm your vehicle seat. In that case, an easy way is to use a car seat cover on the backseat. However, you can make your own pet car seat cover. Now, we will tell you how to make a car seat cover for your pet. 

Some puppies revel in carsickness which triggers injuries that go away smells and stains of their wake. Pet Car Seat Covers prevent injury and soiling on the seat from your pet. Pet consultants agree that your pet’s comfort is a serious key to a successful trip. If you want to take your pet, whether or not it is a canine or cat, you will profit from the assorted pet travel covers.

Difference Between A Seat Cover and Pet Cover

Car seat covers are like an extra shell of the seat. You don’t need to find much detail on it. Good quality, comfortable, and machine-washable are the fundamental factors we consider when selecting a car seat cover. If it fits properly with our vehicle seat and is easy to use, we won’t complain.

Where car seat covers focus on comfort and quality, pet car seat covers focus on heavy-duty and pet-proof protection. These covers use quilted, waterproof, and durable fabric to protect upholstery from pet damage.

There are some Hawk-style covers also that look a lot like fences in the back of the seat. Regular seat covers only care about human clutter. The fabrics and materials of the pet cover and seat cover are fully different.

As a result, a regular seat cowl is aesthetically pleasing, fits intently to the chair, and is made from leather-based or high-quality materials.

What Are The Best Pet Car Seat Covers?

What Are The Best Pet Car Seat Covers?

Pet moms always try to do things that they love. Going for a walk is an activity that every dog ​​and cat loves. But a road trip with pets ends up with dirt, slobber, dog hair and food scraps.

Something as bad as carsickness could have happened. This can cause odors and stains on the car seat or your favorite places. Are you looking for a suitable option to solve this issue? Believe us; this time, you have only one solution left in your hand. You need a pet car seat cover. 

You can buy a pet car seat cover from the market or make your pet cover. If you have previous experience making a cover, you can easily make a DIY pet car seat cover. But everyone does not have that experience. So, let’s find out some top-rated pet car seat covers to protect your vehicle car seat cover.

  1. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover.
  2. Vailge Dog Seat Cover.
  3. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector.

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

Urpower dog seat cover is Amazon’s top-rated pet car seat cover. It provides a huge coverage to keep your dog and her best friend. Even if it is large enough to protect the trunk, it is a waterproof pet cover which is easy to clean, use and manipulate. The 4 layers of waterproof protection don’t let you feel disturbed.

Vailge Dog Seat Cover

Vailge pet cover is one of the best choices if you have a strict budget. The design is quite promising. Its breathable mesh window provides excellent air circulation in winter and summer. 600D Oxford waterproof coating ensures 100% water protection with two waterproof layers. To ensure dog safety, it includes four `headrest straps, nonslip backing and two devices secured to the seat.

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

Viewports Bench cover is a nonslip and waterproof cover that is good for pets and passengers. It is a durable car seat cover that fits almost every car, truck and van. Like the others two, it is easy to clean and maneuver. If you want to try something different, you can opt for it. This grey car seat cover will feel much more promising. 

The Must Material of Pet Car Seat Cover

The Must Material of Pet Car Seat Cover

Cover material is a very important factor. Most of the quality of the cover depends on its material. If the material is insufficient, that cover cannot serve for the long term.

Moreover, pet covers are used to protect our upholstery from pet damage. So, it is essential to maintain good quality and material. Some basic materials should be avoided if they are not present on the cover.

The most material list is given below-

  • 600D Polyester Oxford Fabric: The 600D is the most widely used fabric for backpacks. It is sturdy enough to make a backpack or school bag. It can also make a product waterproof.

420D nylon fabric is more durable than 600D polyester. 600D is the minimum requirement. You should not think lower than it.

  • PP or Polypropylene Fabric: It is a fabric made of Polypropylene. This is the second most used fabric used in textiles. Its specialty is comfort. This cotton was made after processing seven different methods.
  • Extraction of propylene.
  • Create
  • Stringing together.
  • Mixing and cooling.
  • Remelting
  • Sheet formation.
  • Finishing
  • Waterproof TPU material: It is a double-layer membrane. It is a hybrid material of rubber and plastic that includes high tear strength, waterproof, and occasional moisture transmission.
  • PVC slip-resistant: It reduces the slipperiness of the cover. This anti-slip PVC at the bottom of the cover provides a super grip.

Every waterproof dog car seat cover near me must have these materials.

Here is an outline of seat covers for your pet:

A general cage car seat cover protects your car’s upholstery, whereas your pet rides on a comfortable blanket. It is easy to install and, in addition, taken out for people to ride.

Pet car seat covers are of several types. Each of them has its separate characteristic.

  1. A Waterproof Bench cover guards your car against spills and pet stains.
  2. Quilted Car Covers are made of a luxuriously gentle material with cushioning inside for additional comfort. It has elastic straps on the corners for secure attachment to the seat. Many are fabricated from 100% natural cotton.
  3. They are common pet car seat covers for trucks. They come in many colors, like green, yellow, blue and light brown. The seat cover stays with straps that attach around the headrest and bench seat legs.
  4. Suede Car Covers are manufactured from a cozy warm microfiber suede that keeps your pet relaxed during car rides. It is attached to the seat with durable nylon, an adjustable strap, and a clip system attachment. You may select between sizes and colors.
  5. The Houndstooth Car Cover offers a contact of sophistication to any vehicle. The upscale seat cover merges style with great function. They come with two seat belt slots to be used with a car harness and elastic straps on all 4 corners for secure attachment.
  6. Luxurious again pet covers provide safety against your pet’s hair, dust, and moisture. An opulent micro velvet material covers a tufted bottom cushion plumped with excessive-density fiber to add extra comfort. It has elastic straps that ensure a safe fitting and has a gap that enables access to seat belts, and it is contrast binding.

How to Make A DIY Pet Car Seat Cover?

You can make a DIY pet car seat cover with only 8 easy steps. They are-

  • First, measure the length of your car seat. Cut the fabric of the cover based on the measurement.
  • Fold the fabric to finalize the cover size. 
  • Bring the folded fabric to your car seat and see how it drapes.
  • Sew the unfolded sides. Leave a minimum 8-inch gap in one edge.
  • Make a big hole for the headrest.
  • After sewing, iron the cover first.
  • Now, your pet car seat cover is ready to install.

Can Using a Car Seat Cover Help Reduce Sweating on Leather Seats?

Using a car seat cover can effectively stop sweat on leather car seats. By creating a barrier between the seat and your body, these covers prevent direct contact, reducing sweating. They also provide better air circulation, enhancing breathability and comfort. With a car seat cover in place, you can protect your leather seats from excessive moisture and maintain their pristine condition.

Final Verdict

No matter whatever type of pet cover you choose, quality and measurement (size and trip length) mean a lot. However, pet requirements are most prevalent here. If you follow our guidelines on how to make a car seat cover for your pet, you can protect your car seat from pet stains. Drivers also need to see the outer layers being quilted or sewn. This texture allows the pet seat cover to fit snugly without sliding or perforating the pet material.

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