JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover: The Best Winter Baby Carrier Cover

JJ Cole is a winter-friendly cover for the baby car seat cover. This brand designs its cover for infant car seats. If you live in a cold country and looking for a cold-weather protective shell, you should go with a warm, cute and comfortable JJ Cole car seat cover. It is one of the best options to keep your baby warm and safe in the infant car seat. It is good quality, easy to use, has no difficult installation and has no cleaning hassle.

If a mom starts to use it, she will love this cover. Coats, jackets or blankets are not the perfect solutions while your kid is inside the infant car seat. When a mom covers the infant seat with JJ Cole winter car seat cover, she will remain tension free.

Overview of JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover 

Overview of JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover 

JJ Cole is a favorite brand of many moms. When moms need an accessory for their baby, they are looking for something safe and convenient to use at any moment. JJ Cole offers moms such a choice to give their kids. You may have seen to say many people that aftermarket car seat covers are not safe enough to protect car seats. JJ Cole cover is also not a manufacturer-recommended cover. This cover is made to protect kids only. You should not search for any connection that protects the car seat because the company does not claim such a feature.

The primary thing that needs to consider is kid protection. JJ Cole car seat cover for infants meets that requirement. The cover is made of nylon and polyester from many parents’ honest reviews. There is a soft inner shell. It is a full elastic cover and comes with a big zipper panel that makes it easy to get the baby in and out. The surrounding elastic provides a custom fit for different infant car seats.

It is obviously a weather-protective car seat cover. Moms are going to love it because it protects kids from snow, rain, harsh wind, etc. This is not eligible for hot weather. It is made for winter countries. It does not provide great breathability. So, if you use it on summer days, your kid will disturb you continuously. By the way, you have full freedom to wash it. You can also skip the bulky blanket or coats because this cover comes with a blanket-like design. 

A lot has been said about the small features. But if it doesn’t look good, will you ever buy a product? JJ Cole has paid close attention to their car seat cover design. Every cover looks stylish, premium and comfortable. Needless to say, it is a premium-looking infant cover. If you are thinking of buying it, don’t wait. You will be absolutely satisfied with the product.

What Is The Main Reason for Blanket-Type Design?

 Blanket-Type Design

When you first see this cover, its blanket-type design will catch your eye. The main reason for the format is easily understandable. It is a winter-friendly infant seat cover. When your child is inside an infant car seat, he should not be wrapped in a coat or blanket because it creates loose fitting. 

But there is no other way than that blanket or coat in countries where it is very cold. So, this brand has come up with a solution for parents. They made a blanket-type infant cover so that parents can skip blankets and ensure accurate fitting for newborns. It is a good step from JJ Cole. 

Some brands target summer countries, while some brands target winter countries. JJ Cole targets parents who are in a problem with cold weather. If you face both summer and winter in your state, you need two covers for different seasons. If one of these is JJ Cole, you will not be dissatisfied.

Price of JJ Cole Covers 

JJ Cole covers got different price tags from multiple e-commerce sites. In Target, it asks for 29.99$. We have seen three different prices on Amazon, which start from 32.99$ to 43.99$. Walmart’s price is comparatively lower than Target and Amazon. Here, it is under 25 bucks. We don’t know what the game is here. We think it is for different models of JJ Cole. 

We have found JJ Cole covers three models. 

  • JJ Cole Bundle Me Original
  • JJ Cole The Bundle Me Urban
  • JJ Cole Tri-Stitch

How to Put JJ Cole Car Seat Cover On?

Putting on car seat coves seems a hassle moment to many parents. The covers or car seat pads that come with an infant car seat are difficult to set up. But putting JJ Cole gives you a new experience because of its easy design. The cover fits over an infant car seat easily with elastic bands. It is a good choice to use when your baby is born until 12 months old. 

You don’t need to do anything extra to install this cover. It easily goes over any car seat because of the elastic bands. Set up the zipper according to the space you need when it is done. There is no clip, no latch attachments. You can complete the adjustment within a half minute. 

Benefits of JJ Cole Winter Covers

Benefits of JJ Cole Winter Covers

Since it is a winter infant cover, the primary benefit is easy to understand. It keeps your baby warm from snow and cold wind. But it is a premium cover. So, it won’t stop with a single feature. Its interior is quite comfortable, and the exterior is quilted water-resistant fabric. That means your kid will be protected from rain also. The zipper ensures a big exposure for kids. If you don’t want to give a large view to your baby, you can control the exposure. 

Here is a shortlist of benefits – 

  • Water-resistance.
  • Snow and wind-protective.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Convenience.
  • Stylish.
  • Unisex design.

Since it has many benefits but has one problem, we cannot recommend this cute infant cover for hot weather. On a hot day, this cover will do more harm than good.


Is JJ Cole Bundleme machine washable?

Ans. Every JJ Cole car seat cover model is machine washable. It would be best if you washed them separately. It is also easy to dry it out.

What is the best infant car seat cover for winter?

Ans. There are many good winter options in the market. You can consider JJ Cole as your best choice. 

Is the JJ Cole winter cover safe?

Ans. JJ Cole is protective against the environment, but manufacturers do not recommend it. If any wrong happens after using it, the manufacturer won’t take responsibility.

Final Verdict

JJ Cole is one of the most popular baby brands. Though the manufacturer does not recommend their covers, parents love the brand because of the benefits and comfortable functions. Almost everything a JJ Cole car seat cover cozy offers, like peekaboo opening, elastic bands, multiple colors, and premium design, are loved by most parents. It makes your little one more susceptible to adverse weather. If you want the best functionality during winter, you should go with this product.

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