Heated Car Seat Cover

Looking at the title, you might be wondering who wants a car seat cover that generates heat. If you live in a temperate country, you won’t realize the importance. Today’s article is mainly for those who regularly drive car in cold temperatures. In very cold environments heating up a vehicle cannot be done very quickly. A built-in seat heater may help you but everyone does not have it.

In this moment, a heated car seat cover will be a good choice.  If you have efficient heating system, you don’t need it. But if you don’t have this system and you always experience cold weather, heat car seat covers will be the game changer.  Besides heating feature, these covers have many advantages. Let’s find out everything about an ideal heated seat cover to keep your seat warm and clean.

What Is Heated Car Seat Cover?

Heated seat covers are automated car seat covers that generate heats after turned on. Like other car seat covers, it also protects the automobile seat cover from water, dirt and spills. Its unique feature is generating heats. These covers are compulsory for those who live in intense cold weather. People from summer countries have not much idea about these covers. Colder region’s people are familiar with these covers.

Heated covers have different functionalities. Because of its automated or digital system, you will get more advantages than a normal cover. The features heated seats include are given below –

Heated Car Seats Key Feature

Best heated car seat covers include some advanced functionalities that make the cover unique than other covers. Everyone should know these key features. We will know these through small details –

Auto Shut-Off

This is one of the best features of the heat car seat covers. This system defends overheating. By chance you forget to change the temperature, “automatic shut-off” becomes a fundamental feature. It also prevents extra battery draining. It automatically detects high temperature. So, there is no fear of the temperature rising too much.

Indicator Lights

The indicator lights help you to know when it is working. in some covers, light turns on or turns off. On the other hand, the cover shows red or green light to show it is working or not. These lights determine the state of the heated cover.

Temperature Settings

Some heated car seat covers allow to control the temperature of the seat. You can increase the temperature, or low the temperature if necessary. These covers give you full freedom to control the heat. You can control the heat through few buttons. We think it is a necessary feature. You should check it before purchasing.

Whether heated seat cover provides warm, beaded car seat cover eliminates heat from the seat. It is a great deal for summer.

Programmable Timer

If you want to shut the heater after a time, you can schedule it via programmable timer. This is a great feature and every user should use it. If your heated seat covers don’t have “auto shut-off” feature, then this feature is must for you. this features also helps to reduce draining car’s battery.

How Do Heated Car Seat Covers Work?

Heated car seats work like electric blankets that generate heats. These covers are ideal for winter specially. Their task is very simple, keeps the car seat warm. The seat cover has a coiled wire through it and it acts as a resistor. When you plug in heated car seat cover, electricity flows through the coil, causes friction and car seat heats. The heat generating process is very simple. This is how it keeps your left and back warm in winter when you are in your car.

Types of Heated Car Seat Cover

After reading for so long you can think that the heated car seat cover has only one type. Let us clear that your imagination is wrong. Basically, there are two types of heated seat cover for car.

  1. Standard Cover: This heat cover comes with 12 volts power socket. Some calls it “cigarette lighter”. The heating elements are fitted in its back and when the cover is plugged, it generates heats from back. It has a remote-control system to control temperature. It also incudes auto shut-off system for preventing overheating.
  2. Massager: This is a thick cover. It includes multiple elements to massage and produce heat. It has massage roller, vibrating motors. Some car seat cover massager include neck, shoulder. Since it is a heated seat cover, heater is must that keep your body warm. It also plugs into 12 volts socket.

Heated Car Seat Covers Buying Guide

When you go to buy heated car seats, you must check the key features we have discussed already. There are many who choose to do research on their own. Our recommendation for them to supervise heated car seat cover reviews. Thus helps to collect genuine consumer feedback. Here is the simple buying guide given below –

  • Heating capability: The cover you purchased must maintain a standard heating time. Normally the required heat should be generated within two to three minutes. If it takes long time, then you should avoid it.
  • Padding: Enough padding is important to ensure comfort and necessary breathability.
  • Easy Installation: Fitting is concern for car seat covers because there are several types of seats available in the market. Universal covers fit with majority of the seats. The best way is checking before making a selection.
  • Quantity: Consider the number of heated car seats you need in advance.
  • Portability: Portable heated covers are good choice. If you don’t have enough budget to buy portable cover, then buy a cover that has a long cord.

Also include the key features in your buying guide. After ensuring the features we have discussed above, you can go through our buying guide. Then you can purchase a proper heated red seat covers for trucks. Again, don’t skip any key features of heated covers.


What is the price of a heated car seat cover?

Ans. The price of heated car seat covers is not expensive. It should be under 20$. And if the cover has a lot of advanced features, it will cost more than 50 bucks.

How to secure heated car seat cover?

Ans. Heated covers come with straps to make a secure installation.

What type of seat covers are best for heated seats?

Ans. A perforated, well-ventilated, and fire-resistant fabric is best choice for heated seats.

Are heated car seats good for driver’s back?

Ans. Besides generating heats, these covers help driver to feel better and reduce stiffness while driving.

Final Verdict

If you don’t want to freeze inside your car, don’t wait to make a heated car seat cover to become a profitable life saver. Yes, it is profitable because under 20 bucks, you get a heater inside your car. If you have any favorite heated cover, tell us. We will try to add that cover in the best heated car seat cover list after checking.

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