Can You Use Awesome Cleaner on Car Paint?

Can You Use Awesome Cleaner on Car Paint?

Cars are among the most precious things a person may own. Over time, the use of unnecessary goods can cause a variety of damage to your vehicle. Can you use Awesome Cleaner on car paint? It is a frequently asked question in the current period.

The Awesome Cleaner from LA’s Totally Awesome is one of the most popular, effective, and inexpensive cleaners. It could only be applied to the exterior of vehicles. Simply put, it’s an excellent tool for removing tough stains.

Although it does not have the power to remove heavy paint defects like swirls and scratches, you can use Awesome Cleaner on your car’s paint to give it a nice shine. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Is the amazing cleaner, nevertheless, dependable? Is it OK to use Awesome Cleaner on car paint?

What is an Awesome Cleaner?

Since its beginning, Awesome has been a lifesaver for homeowners in need of a wide range of home improvement supplies. One of these products is Awesome Cleaner. With an awesome cleaner, nearly any surface may be cleaned. It does an excellent job of removing tough stains and filth.

In the kitchen, counters, stove tops, bathroom fixtures, kitchen tables, and vinyl or laminate floors can all benefit from a good cleaning.

Is Awesome Cleaner A Part of Car Detailing?

Is Awesome Cleaner A Part of Car Detailing?

Car detailing is the process of making the car look brand new, cleaner, and scratch-free. Various people have a different definitions of car detailing. It often includes the restoration of damaged components. Cleaning or detailing protects car paint and glass from harmful UV rays. Whether you agree with it or not, detailing benefits every vehicle.

However, Awesome cleaner is a great car detailer with no ammonia, no acids, and no bleach. After covid-19, car detailers like LA Totally Awesome cleaners became more famous and market share increased. Due to covid, the purpose of cleaning the exterior and interior of the home as well as the car has been heavily focused on. 

We always prefer a cleaning kit for detailing a car exterior. You can put this cleaner in that cleaning kit to clean the exterior. You must need a quality product to do car detailing. In that case, you can keep trust in Awesome cleaner.

How Safe is the Awesome Cleaner?

You can use Awesome on car paint as long as you don’t let it sit for more than a few minutes. When used to remove road filth and dirt from your car, this powerful cleaner has the potential to do more harm than good.

Acid and ammonia are not present in Awesome Cleaner. Ammonia is a common ingredient in household cleaners, so it’s imperative that you keep this in mind.

Because it doesn’t include any bleach or acid, Awesome Cleaner may appear to be safe for use on automobile paint. However, you must pay attention to the ingredients in the product.

It contains ethoxylated, a synthetic chemical that aids in the removal of dirt and other pollutants from surfaces.

For those of you who have used Awesome Cleaner on automobile paint, you can testify to the dull finish your vehicle had afterward. Then, you had to wax it. Awesome Cleaner’s drinking is to blame for this incident.

As a result, if you don’t have any other household cleaners, avoid using Awesome Cleaner on your car. Washing your automobile with water is preferable to using a cleaner that can harm the paint.

Does Awesome Cleaner Remove Car Paint?

What makes it so popular is that it works instantly. Although it could be called the best of all, it’s not suitable for use on automobile paint.

For cleaning the surfaces of automobiles, specialized degreasers have been formulated. For recommended car cleaners and degreasers, visit your local auto shop.

How to use Awesome Cleaner in a safe way?

Watering down Awesome Cleaner is the safest way to use it. The Awesome Cleaner loses some of its power when reduced. Because of this, you can use it to remove tough stains from your car’s paint without fear of damaging it.

When using Awesome Cleaner, it may not be as powerful and may not completely remove spots.

In addition, even the tiniest quantities of alcohol can remove your car’s wax. When used frequently, the alcohol will eat away at the transparent coat, causing it to peel away.

How to Clean Car Exterior with Awesome Cleaner?

How to Clean Car Exterior with Awesome Cleaner?

Car detailing needs to go through a regular process. Since it is a part of car maintenance, everyone should follow basic steps. We need some cleaning kit like micro-fiber cloth, a good quality brush, sponge and Awesome cleaner since it is a great product. We always have to ensure to use soft products and avoid harsh products. We have seen some car owners use high-quality strong brushes to clean their cars. Please, don’t do that. 

Always avoid hard products while cleaning the car’s exterior and interior. Heavy-duty pressure washers and synthetic brushes can damage car paint. A decent, toxic-free car cleaner and soft microfiber fabric are more than enough to do car detailing. 

Another thing is that chemically made cleaners are not appropriate for regular use. We have answered why in the next section. If you want to use such chemical products regularly, take advice from a car paint expert. 

People often ask how to clean car seats with Awesome Cleaner. Here is the answer for them. You can follow the same process to clean the car’s exterior also. Don’t forget to clean car rims before car detailing. You can use a Chemical Guys Extra Glossy Shiner also. The steps begin from here.

  • Vacuum the car seat and exterior to remove all hiding dirt and debris.
  • Make the Awesome cleaner solution at the proper dutation scale specified in the label. 
  • Rinse the microfiber in the solution and wipe the exterior. 
  • If you use spray cleaner, spray it and wipe the dirty area.
  • Rinse the dirty fabric in water and go through the second process.
  • Dry the seat and exterior with a dry sponge.
  • Let the car dry.

Hope you get the nugget of car exterior cleaning with awesome cleaners. You can ensure 100% maintenance by cleaning it properly. But cleaners are chemicals and can damage the car’s paint. Therefore, we cannot guarantee you regular car cleaning. It is better to talk to an expert about it.

Some Safer Alternatives for Cleaning Car Paint

If you want to maintain the shine and integrity of your car’s paint, it’s essential to use products specifically designed for automotive surfaces. Here are some safer alternatives:

1. Car Wash Soap

Invest in a high-quality car wash soap that is pH-balanced and designed to clean automotive finishes without damaging the paint or protective coatings.

2. Microfiber Cloth

Use a soft microfiber cloth or mitt for washing your car. Microfiber is gentle on the paint and helps prevent scratches.

3. Wax and Sealant

Regularly waxing and applying a sealant to your car’s paint can provide an extra layer of protection against dirt and contaminants.

4. Waterless Wash

Consider using a waterless wash product designed for cars. These products are convenient and gentle on your vehicle’s finish.


What If You are a Regular User of Awesome Cleaner?

Using Awesome Cleaner on car paint could be harmful. If you are one of those people who have done it regularly, then read the below instructions.

  1. To begin with, take a close look at your paint job. Is your car’s clear finish entirely bare after using the Awesome Cleaner? Getting professional paint correction services will be necessary if this is the situation.
  2. Driving without a clear coat is dangerous. There is no way to protect your paint job. As a result, it is more susceptible to damage and rust than it should be.
  3. Awesome Cleaner can cause some damage, but only if you overuse it. If this is the case, you can still use wax to restore the paint’s finish.

What Could be the Alternatives to Awesome Cleaner?

What could be the alternatives to Awesome Cleaner?

You should know by now that Amazing Cleaner isn’t the best automotive paint cleaner. So, if you’re out of car wash shampoo, what are your other options? There are some secure options right in your own home.

  • If the dirt on your car is only on the surface, a little water will be enough. Using this method may take some time and effort, but it is a much better choice than using Awesome Cleaner.
  • Dish soap is the most commonly used cleaning agent when it comes to removing dirt and grime from automobile paint.
  • A car wash shampoo-like mix is included in most dish soaps, making them ideal for removing tough stains from your vehicle.
  • Laundry detergent and hand soap can also be used if they are on hand. Hair shampoo is the ideal substitute for Awesome Cleaner. In order to minimize irritation to the scalp, most hair shampoos are hypoallergenic.

Because of this, they are a superior choice. Your car’s paint will not be harmed by hairspray. It won’t eat away at your car’s clear finish, and it won’t remove wax.

  • Hair shampoo can be used to clean your car when you run out of other options.

What to Avoid While Car Cleaning?

We have told you how to clean the car’s exterior. Hopefully, you can do that now. But do you know some bad habits can damage car paint though you clean the car regularly? Here, we try to highlight those forbidden tasks. 

  • Don’t wash the car under direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use the same material for every purpose.
  • Don’t use the same microfiber cloth while cleaning. Try to use both microfiber and sponge.
  • Don’t forget to lubricate every friction area while repairing something.
  • Avoid low-quality supplies.

If you want to protect your car, follow the five golden rules above. Otherwise, no matter how much care you take, you won’t be able to protect the paint and other parts of the automobile. Don’t be lazy. The worst habit can make you suffer in the long run. 

Is Awesome Cleaner better than other car wash soaps?

There is a big distinction between Awesome Cleaner and some other non-abrasive car wash soaps, as they can permanently damage your paint.

Final Verdict

In the end, now you have a broad knowledge of “Can You Use Awesome Cleaner on Car Paint?” Although it is a great way to clean the dirt, unfortunately, because of its chemicals, it can destroy car paint. So do ask a car paint specialist before buying the product, Awesome Cleaner.

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