What car seat should I buy for my newborn

What Car Seat Should I Buy for My Newborn?

When you are ready to travel with your toddler, what should be the priority? Of course, we are not talking about a place to relax and stay. We are talking about an essential item, “car seat for newborns.” A car seat is always the first priority when you and your kid are outside on a trip. If you travel to Thailand or Mexico, you must carry an infant car seat. Since it is so important, a question may arise at any moment like “What car seat should I buy for my newborn?”

Finding the best newborn car seat is not easy because of the numerous options. There are many popular products out there we can pick and talk about. Mainly, today we will highlight the basics so that you get a good idea about the product and choose the best product for the newborn.

What Car Seat Should I Buy for My Newborn?

What Car Seat Should I Buy for My Newborn?

Choose Rear-facing Car Seat

Rear-facing car seats are recommended for a newborn because the rear-facing position is the safest area to keep your baby safe. So, when you select a newborn seat, be sure about the rear-facing compatibility. It should be the first priority when you choose a baby car seat. AAP also recommends rear-facing seat for toddlers until they reach the highest height and weight limits of their own seat manufacturer.

Mainly there are three types of rear-facing car seats. Some are made for rear-facing, whereas others are convertible rear-facing. You should look at the brief details.

Rear-Facing only seat

  • Mainly for infants weighing up to 20 to 35 pounds
  • Small in size
  • Comes with handles to carry them
  • You can leave the base in the car. So, no need to install it all the time.
  • You can only use these for traveling

Convertible car seats

  • You can use these seats as rear-facing, and later on, you can convert them to forward-facing car seats. You can save money and use these for a more extended period.
  • They are not portable, and the base will stay inside the car.
  • Also, they are pretty heavy.
  • Comes with a 5-point harness for the shoulders, hips, and the legs

3-in-1 seats

  • You can use these seats as rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster seats.
  • Can use the seats as long as possible
  • Don’t feature a carrying handle or separate base

These are the three types you can choose, but 3-in-1 convertible car seats are the best money-saving choice. And the first one, rear-facing only, will be the most secure choice. Don’t worry and think too much to pick a seat. You will get the best one in your budget range among these three.

5 Tips to Buy the Best Newborn Car Seat 

5 Tips to Buy the Best Newborn Car Seat 

You will find many good infant car seats in the market. They also meet your budget. You may consider buying that one at that moment, but you should not do this. You are getting the most important safety item for your newborn. You should not rush to buy a product. There was a saying, “Perfect is not always perfect.” Take a look at the below section. You will get the answer to why a perfect newborn seat is always excellent and which car seat you should buy for newborns.

Check Vehicle Manual

The rear-facing car seat comes with a latch and seat-belt attachment. So, check the vehicle manual to ensure which attachment is available in your vehicle. Also, don’t forget to check the area where you will install the seat.

Select A Travel System

When buying an infant or toddler car seat, try to buy a travel system that includes a stroller. A stroller helps move a sleeping baby quickly. a car seat is not so light. You can’t carry it for hours on end.

Check The Safety Seal

You have to buy the safest car seat. Though all the car seats from the market are crash tested and approved for safety standards, try to pick the car seat with a JPMA stamp (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). 

Latest Installation Technology

Installation is a hassle that every parent thinks of, and we know that. But some latest installation systems, like SnugLock, ISOFIX, etc., are excellent installation technology that claims one minute easy, and hassle-free installation.

Consider a Convertible Car Seat

There are many high-quality convertible car seats available for a newborn. If you don’t want to invest multiple times for an infant car seat, pick a convertible seat that grows with your child. If you have a stroller, you can carry it anywhere. Otherwise, the convertible chair is a heavy choice to take outside.

In our countries, every parent goes for a walk every day with their babies. In this aspect, a lightweight toddler car seat also becomes heavy after a few minutes. So, don’t forget to learn how to put a car seat in a stroller.


Is it OK to put a newborn in a car seat?

A baby car seat is the safest place where you are in a transport system. That keeps your baby safe, sound, and comfortable.

How long should you keep a newborn in a car seat?

We don’t find any actual evidence as proof of its answer. We don’t prefer a parent to keep his child in a car seat for more than 2 hours. We have seen many healthcare professionals recommend this.

How do you transport a newborn baby?

You have to transport a newborn via the rear-facing position. 

Final Verdict

When looking for the best toddler car seat for travel, it is not just about choosing the best model. You also need to make some critical considerations to selecting a product. Today, we have tried to tell you about the primary concerns, and we hope that now you will get which car seat you should buy for a newborn.

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